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awesome game! really captivating. love the pacing of the little challenge at the end of each level

Super fun. I loved the music

Smooth and clean, great graphics, great audio. Reminds me a lot of the bit Generations series for the Game Boy Advance; this game would fit right in among those. I cleared all stages on the first try except for the last one, since I kept timing out on the black final four, but I got there eventually. Very nicely done!


Ah, it reminds me of Art Style: Aquia, but with a very unique twist, so it plays very differently! I like your games a lot!

wow. this is very good. i don’t even like puzzle games, but this is excellent.

Very beautiful game!!


I forgot that i could switch directions and i solved the 1st 3 levels without even switching :P

how is that even possible

Amazing puzzle game!