←→:RIGHT CURSOR control
Zkey + ←→:LEFT CURSOR control
(Zkey)+↓:drop color
Xkey:swap color 

(menu-- ←→:select  Z:decide X:Cancel)


(All English is Google Translated from Japanese. .... The grammar may be wrong)

5*5 short puzzle marathon. 
aim to complete all 10 levels.

Use the ↓ key to drop the color and erase all three of the same color.
At this time, the panel with a margin in the drop direction moves backward.
For more information, select "HELP" and read.

(You can return to the menu by pressing 'R' 6 times during the game.) 
(If you clear everything from stage 1 without retrying, the time will be recorded.
If you can afford it, please try it.)

[2021 05/15 1.00 up]

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, GameMaker, Short, Singleplayer


diarop_wint.zip 48 MB


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This is pretty fun, I like that the music evolves as you progress through each level. c:

It`s fantastic. The music is awesome too!

I was playing and dancing (only dancing whith my head) at the same time.




loved playing this game! i had a great time playing aquris and was overjoyed to see that you'd released another puzzle game


This game is very good! Subarashii! It would be great if this game is on android too :)


楽しい! It took me a little while to understand what was happening, but when I figured it out, it's very fun and inventive! 音楽は好き!