Shoot all the SAKANA that appear.
When you collect a certain number of items (sushi),
your ship will become more powerful.
Try to defeat all 6 stages and the last boss.


※Japanese is converted by deepl.
Grammar may be wrong.

Only OP and ED are in Japanese.
There is no problem in playing.


◆Controls Move:
Move: Directional Keys
Shot: Z key 
Rotate Left: X key 
Rotate right: C key
(When non-shot, turn around quickly.)

Decide: Z key Back: X key

◆Rules and important specifications

Defeat the enemies that appear one after another.
Try to collect items that enemies drop (hereinafter referred to as sushi) by walking as much as possible.
The total number of sushi you take will be treated as your score.

When you defeat an enemy, the bullets shot by that enemy will disappear.
If you defeat a slightly larger enemy, all bullets on the screen will disappear.

For every 300 sushi you collect in a stage, your remaining ship will increase by 1.
Also, when you collect a certain number of sushi, you will get more options (cats).

◇Other Specifications

There is a route split, but there is only one final boss and one ending.

Options(cats) don't fight with the boss.

Even if you touch an enemy, your ship will not die.
If you touch some bosses or the last boss, your ship will die.

If you clear a stage with less than 2 machines left,
the number will return to 2 in the next stage.
If you continue, The number of remaining ships is 4,
and the sushi reverts to the score at the start of the stage.
There are no particular disadvantages.

When the last boss is defeated, the total number of defeated enemies/10 will be added to your sushi.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, GameMaker, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Top down shooter

Install instructions

The game is compatible with xinput gamepads.(nksk_win.zip only)

You can use the stick to move, LT or RT to shoot, and X and B to rotate.
In the menu, use A to decide and X to return. (B is compatible with C key).
(However, since the game was made to be played with a keyboard, it is probably easier to play with a keyboard.)


nksk_win.zip 117 MB


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really great game! the aiming is slightly confusing but it's okay, I really liked it!

Very good, add mouse aim please.


This is great fun! Will there be a paid version (with online leaderboards)?

amazing game! truly the essence  of fun.

I'm a huge fan of anything that's bullet hell/twin stick/shmup and this is damn near perfect. I probably have about 5-6 hours into your game and continue to want to pop into it from time to time. Love how much content is there already. 

I actually did two vids, one for the standard route A and then messed around with alternate routes in a second vid.


I'd love an endless mode of this 

Cool little game. However, it would be nice if the full-screen option was saved when the game is closed so I don't have to set it again every time I reload.

(2 edits)

Nice!  I liked the whimsical art style, and the aiming controls presented a nice challenge.  I wasn't clear about what the cats do, if anything.

I only made it to the second stage so far, but I'll try again later and see if I can complete the whole game.

Edit: Beat the game!  5159 enemies killed, 5216 sushi, no continues.

Also, I ran into a bug -- pressing the 'esc' key in the browser causes the game to freeze.